What an amazing time at Kristen Lamb's workshop today!

I attended Kristen Lamb’s blogging workshop today in Indianapolis and it totally galvanized me and reinvogorated my love of writing!

She had tons of ideas and lots of common-sense suggestions for building a platform as a writer.

It’s going to take some time for me to implement all her ideas, but this is my first foray.

She’s a dynamic chick and it was a real pleasure to take part in this conference today.

I also got to see a revitalized downtown of Indianapolis. After the conference, my hubby and I walked down to Monument Circle and climbed the 300 steps up to the top and then walked back down. I saw two weddings and two beautiful brides–natch!–and two different ways of styling bridesmaids.

Indianapolis has completely turned itself around from the depressed downtown I remember of my youth. The difference is palpable.

After we left downtown, we then went to the Fountain Square district and I shopped to my heart’s content at a Vintage Vogue Goodwill, and then we ate a fabulous meal at a BBQ restaurant in the same area. Quaint shops, trendy joints, excellent food, and lots of cute young people all dressed up and getting ready to attend their prom at a renovated old-time movie theatre.

It was all so very lovely.

A real change from my usual weekend habits. We–my hubby and I–had originally planned on spending the weekend in Indianapolis, but we’ve incurred some expenses and decided it’d be wiser to drive into Indy for the day. I was exhausted mentally from the workshop, and my hubby surprised me by parking the car in the middle of the street–but in Indy you park and leave space for the bike lane–and telling me we were going for a walk.


That’s how we ended up at Monument Circle, and there was a gorgeous wedding party arriving on the steps as we walked into the monument and began climbing the steps. Then, on our way back to the car, we walked past a smaller monument, and saw yet another bridal party. Again, I loved the bride’s gown, and the bridesmaids wore what looked like ankle-clinging gold lame gowns.

We walked back to the car, and went searching for the Vintage Vogue by GW. We found one at 1056 Virginia Avenue. It was my first time there, but it’s just like the one in Bloomington, Indiana, and there’s another Vintage Vogue by GW in Indianapolis on East 62nd Street. I love Vintage Vogue by GW! These stores are a higher level from the typical Goodwill Store; the clothes and accessories and handbags and jewelry and books from the Vintage Vogue Stores are culled from a main warehouse and sent to the speciality shops, which are also decorated in a charming, retro-style.

You can find all kinds of great labels at low prices! I use my Goodwill Card for an extra $5.00 off and if you LIKE the store you’re in while you’re in the store and if you like it on Facebook, you get an extra 15% off your most expensive purchase!

Ain’t that great?

Tonight, I got a gorgeous Tahari skirt suit, and some other things, that I’ll mention tomorrow!

For now, peeps!


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