Her Rugged Mountain Hero: Book Four in the Medicine Women of Alaska

Her Rugged Mountain Hero:  Book Four in the Medicine Women of Alaska

A Medical Romance

How dare she throw me out of her operating theatre?
Luke Rutherford is beside himself with unbridled rage.
Following the mountain rescue of a tourist trapped in an avalanche, he’d hoped to assist in 

the surgery. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself squaring off with the surgeon in charge of the operating room. In no uncertain terms, Doctor Maryanne Spencer lets Luke know that she’s in charge and she’s not about to cede a smidgen of her authority.
The imperious little red-head isn’t having it.

Full of herself.
He can’t stand those kinds of women.
He consoles himself. He’ll never see her again. Chastened, he returns to his mountain-oriented medical practice, while watching as his brother Drew and Naomi Schuster fall deeper in love.
Yes, he’s a little bit lonely.
Yes, he’s a little bit jealous of his brother, but he’s happy for Drew, really he is.
Only, when will he ever get his chance at love?
Six months later, cue Doctor Maryanne Spencer. She’s joined the staff of the hotel and spa.
But when she learns that the man who’s teaching her mountaineering skills is the very same guy that she forced into submission in her operating theatre, she’s aghast. She promises herself that she’ll take his training and then leave him the heck alone.
Luke disarms her with his genuinely kind and funny personality, and she keeps losing herself in his warm brown eyes.

Luke is a fine teacher of mountaineering skills.

When an avalanche strikes, their survival skills are put to the test. They find themselves alone in a snug cabin with only a roaring fire to keep them warm. To survive the night and retain their body heat, they have to zip their sleeping bags together . . . and well, . . . that’s when things get interesting.
They are rescued in the morning and Maryanne believes that she and Luke are now a couple, only Luke suddenly starts avoiding her. She’s heartbroken, but she does understand, a little. He’s been hurt in love before.
How can she persuade him to believe that she’s the real thing, and that he’s her rugged mountain hero?