The Greasy Spoon

My gruesomely funny short story, The Greasy Spoon

The Greasy Spoon

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Okay, so a lot’s happened in my life since I last updated my website.

After I attended the Romance Writers National Conference in Washington, D.C., last year, I turned an empty upstairs bedroom in our house into a recording studio and recorded a lot of my books onto video and launched them on YouTube.

It hasn’t done a thing for my bottom line, but as my husband keeps telling me, if it gives me joy, then do it. And it does–and it did–give me tremendous joy.

I did a lot of research on makeup tips, I browsed a lot of influencers’ YouTube channels, and learned how to apply fake eyelashes!!!

That’s a major accomplishment.

And I think it’s so funny, and so cute, to see these very young women with perfect faces, showing the rest of us heathens how to apply false eyelashes.

It’s an art form, let me tell you!

I still have the YouTube channel, and in the wake of some personal tragedy, I’ve started creating Barbie YouTube videos. Don’t ask me why, I’m doing it for fun.

After my family member died, I went ahead and signed up for the 20Books to 50K writers’ conference, being held in Las Vegas in November this year. I’ve tried to sign up for it in the past and ended up getting wait-listed.

I want to go this time.

I also want to travel more, before it’s too late.

And, while I feel like a laggard sometimes, as I’ve yet to break out as a writer and become a household name, it does encourage me a tiny bit–a tiny bit–to see that after I released Goddess--which was the last time I updated my website–I then released The Greasy Spoon and the fourth installment in my Alaskan-based medical romance series.

In short, I’m not sitting on my ass, eating bonbons, but I just feel like I am, you know?

Time does pass faster, the older you get.

Her Rugged Mountain Hero--Book Four in the Medicine Women of Alaska

Book Four in the Medicine Women of Alaska

Her Rugged Mountain Hero--Book Four in the Medicine Women of Alaska

Who's her rugged mountain hero?

How dare she throw me out of her operating theatre?

Luke Rutherford is beside himself with unbridled rage.

Following the mountain rescue of a tourist trapped in an avalanche, he’d hoped to assist in the surgery. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself squaring off with the surgeon in charge of the operating room. In no uncertain terms, Doctor Maryanne Spencer lets Luke know that she’s in charge and she’s not about to cede a smidgen of her authority.

The imperious little red-head isn’t having it.


Full of herself.

He can’t stand 
those kinds of women.

He consoles himself. He’ll never see her again. Chastened, he returns to his mountain-oriented medical practice, while watching as his brother Drew and Naomi Schuster fall deeper in love.

Yes, he’s a little bit lonely.

Yes, he’s a little bit jealous of his brother, but he’s happy for Drew, really he is.

Only, when will he ever get his chance at love?

Six months later, cue Doctor Maryanne Spencer. She’s joined the staff of the hotel and spa.

But when she learns that the man who’s teaching her mountaineering skills is the very same guy that she forced into submission in her operating theatre, she’s aghast. She promises herself that she’ll take his training and then leave him 
the heck alone.

Luke disarms her with his genuinely kind and funny personality, and she keeps losing herself in his warm brown eyes.

Luke is a fine teacher of mountaineering skills.

When an avalanche strikes, their survival skills are put to the test. They find themselves alone in a snug cabin with only a roaring fire to keep them warm. To survive the night and retain their body heat, they have to zip their sleeping bags together . . . and well, . . . that’s when things get 

They are rescued in the morning and Maryanne believes that she and Luke are now a couple, only Luke suddenly starts avoiding her. She’s heartbroken, but she does understand, a little. He’s been hurt in love before.

How can she persuade him to believe that she’s the real thing, and that he’s her rugged mountain hero?

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Black Bear and the Handmaiden

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND ONLINE, WITH A FRESH, NEW COVER – In this highly eroticized re-telling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, readers will fall in love with the two beautiful, lustful sisters, Snow White and Rose Red. Snow White, with her porcelain-like skin, blonde hair, and demure pink lips, wants to marry Jacob Grimm, but he, the wayward lad, wants to marry a lass with money and a title; sadly, Snow White has none of these attributes.

Find out more…

Breaking Out

I learned a great number of things at the Sell More Books Show, and one of those things is how to share tracks on Soundcloud and also how to embed a section of audio.

The first selection below is the moment when Mike first meets Hank and realizes that the guy is built a little bit differently from the average man.



This selection, chapter nine, is my favorite chapter in the book. It’s the moment when Hank meets the love of his life, and Mike reconnects with a childhood friend.


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Crushing It, my fun YA comedy, is going to come out soon on audibles, and I also just re-released Black Bear and the Handmaiden with a gorgeous new cover . . . check it out!