Judge Not: Book One in the Rivertown Romance Series

Judge Not:  Book One in the Rivertown Romance Series

Contemporary Romance

When Henry meets Charlotte, and when Charlotte meets Henry, these two lost souls will connect with one another in a way that neither one of them ever imagined possible. As their red-hot love ignites the frozen streets of Cincinnati, Charlotte and Henry’s love story will warm your heart.

It’s a bitterly cold winter in Cincinnati, Charlotte’s just been discharged from a sanatorium for a suicide attempt that was more a cry for help, and she received the help and she’s grateful, but she’s still feeling sad and lonely. Enter Henry. He’s at the top of his career and poised for a promotion, and yet his life is empty and lonely.Can her life get any worse? Well, yeah.

She’s a recent law school grad, jerking lattes at Starbucks. But then she meets Mike McCafferty, a handsome lawyer who has his own secret sorrows. He’s about to become a federal judge and he offers Rachel a clerkship. As Rachel and Mike get to know one another, and learn of each other’s secret pasts, they discover how important it is not to judge.

But will it be enough to sustain their love?