Trailer Park Wives: The Double-Wide Edition

Trailer Park Wives: The Double-Wide Edition

Part 2: Trailer Park Wives Series

In part two of Trailer Park Wives, the double-wide edition, answers arrive at the same time that new questions emerge.

Samantha Jacobs, who’s still busy in Hazard, selling Oxycontin, gets worried when Dwayne takes off on his own. What she finds when she goes looking for him sends her on a new kind of journey. Back home, Deena is giving the performance of her lifetime as mother-of-the-year while the caseworkers watch and judge her from the other side of the one-way mirror. Lettie begins to learn more than she ever wanted to about Joe’s secrets, and Cierra, well, she gets an unexpected visitor to the Club, and what’s a girl to do when things end badly?

By the time the wives find out how–and why–Anne Marie ended her life, they’ve learned a whole lot of other things about their dear friend . . . secrets become known, and they long for the days when Anne Marie, their dear friend, was still above ground and living life with them in the grimmest trailer park in Ohio.

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