Trailer Park Wives: The Triple-Wide Edition

Trailer Park Wives: The Triple-Wide Edition

Part 3: Trailer Park Wives Series

Well, things are a little bit different in Part Three of Trailer Park Wives. A new family moves iinto the trailer park, at 2354 Tulip Trace Drive, into a newly-reconditioned double-wide on the same lot that Anne Marie’s trailer used to sit on, and Deena’s looking forward to meeting the new family.

But then the new family moves in, the Bergen clan . . . or is it the Snuffy family? Well, Deena isn’t sure, there are two women and one man and a whole houseful of kids, and she isn’t sure about a  lot of things concerning this family, and one of those things is the way the adults treat their foster child, sweet little Alex Witherspoon, a three-year-old with Downs Syndrome.

She wants to do them a solid, the same way Irma Russell used to do her a solid, by calling in her complaints to Children’s Protective Services, but between one thing and another, the wives have their hands full with their own problems and their own lives, in the grimmest and ugliest trailer park in all of Ohio.

And that’s saying something, let me tell you.