Breaking Out

Breaking Out

Erotic Fiction

Thanks to Paul Sturgess, his long-time family friend and benefactor, Mike Sloan has lived a comfortable existence during college as a record-breaking swimmer.

He’s looking forward to finishing his senior year, followed by graduate school, then a high-powered career. That’s what he thinks anyway, before he meets Hank Schechter, the awkward, shy, new-transfer student swimmer.

Mike senses a sensitivity to the withdrawn young man, and makes it his personal goal to bring Hank into the fold. While helping Hank to become a member of the team, Mike finds himself falling for the new guy. Mike’s dear childhood friend, Rachel Levange, who is running her own private law practice, announces she’s ready to become a mother. And she wants Mike to be the baby daddy. Mike may be a gay man, but he too is experiencing a sudden desire to become a father.

How will he reconcile it all?