A Chocolate Covered Zoloft

A Chocolate Covered Zoloft

Women's Fiction

What’s a girl to do when she’s got nothing to lose?

Hannah Shoemaker is thirty-eight, unemployed, and madder than hell.

How is that any different from any other woman?

Because of her bad temper, and her inability to stay calm, she’s been fired from her reporter job at Cincy Beat, a liberal news weekly magazine, and a job, moreover, that she loved.

She finds a job at the local coffee shop, and is now jerking lattes for a living. She’s also had to move back home, because she can no longer afford her pricey Over-The-Rhine apartment.

She’s feeling pretty darn sorry for herself, and after one particularly stressful day, she loses it.

The only problem is, she’s lost her sh*t in front of a guy she really likes, a fellow barista, Nicholas Lanney. He watches her melt-down in horror, and then tells Hannah, in no uncertain terms, that she’d better start seeing a therapist . . . before he starts dating her.

Oh, so Nick really does like her?

Cool beans.

But first, she has to see a therapist.

And the therapist wants her to begin taking anti-depressants . . . and Zoloft, in particular?