The Greasy Spoon

The Greasy Spoon

Young Adult Fiction

“Hey, did you hear the one about the two lawyers who walk into a diner?”

Hmmm, wouldn’t it be more appropriate if two lawyers walked into a bar? Isn’t that, after all, the place where most lawyers go? A bar, as opposed to a diner? Well, sure, that’s how most lawyer jokes work, with a punchline at the end delivered by the wise-ass bartender or perhaps even by the world-weary, seen-it-all-wrote-the-book, tired waitress, that’s the way these kinds of stories go, right?


Well, sure, but in this case, it’s two lawyers walking into a greasy spoon.

Only, as Nick and Ed—the two hapless lawyers who’ve walked into the greasy spoon across the street from the courthouse–soon discover, they’ll wish they never set foot inside the diner, because, as it turns out, the offerings from the kitchen aren’t anything they would’ve ordered off the menu . . .