Carry On, Doctor!

Oh, how I love the naughty cartoons! 

Anyway, so when I got the detailed rejection letter from Harlequin Medical, one of the most important pieces of advice I received was this: to read as many of the books in the series as I could. Quite frankly, that was unbelievably helpful, and one of the books that really inspired me was Amy Ruttan’s book, Craving Her Ex-Army Doc.

As I read Amy’s book, I became aware of a companion book, His Shock Valentine’s Proposal, in which she dealt with the romance between Carson and Esme, who are, more or less, incidental characters in the second book (which I read first, natch!), Craving Her Ex-Army Doc.

I love the way Amy created her characters’ world, and how Carson and Esme, the lovers in the first novel, are friends of the lovers in the second book. All very nicely fitted together, and I thought, gee, I’d love to write a book with a potential for a second, companion novel, but as time has passed, it has occurred to me, that maybe, just maybe, I should just focus on writing and editing and perfecting this book before I start trying to spin sequel stories out of the world I’ve created.

Although, I am attempting to introduce some secondary characters, who may form the basis of the next novel. We’ll see how that works out, won’t we?

I would love it if I could do that effectively, but I still need to focus on writing the best novel I can.

That’s it for now, kids!

I’ll check back in with you tomorrow, so until then, carry on, Doctor! Carry on, Nurse!

Carry on, Denise!

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