It's been one week since you looked at me

That’s the opening line from a Barenaked Ladies song, and I love Barenaked Ladies and it is sad that Steven Page eventually left the group, but he has a magnificent voice and he was probably ready to branch out on his own.

Things are going so well for me these days, especially in my law practice. I’ve been going from strength to strength, and it gives me joy because it means I’m providing for my family.

I’m as busy now as I was back in 2008, before the mortgage foreclosure crisis hit. Yesterday, I had to run downtown to file some pleadings for a client, and then scooted back to my neighborhood to grab groceries at Kroger before the epic winter storm hit. Bought lots of provisions for a cold, snowed-in weekend, and was actually looking forward to being snowed in.

So yesterday’s grocery run was focused on sustenance.

Always at the back of my mind, when I’m grocery shopping, is a different desire, one to maintain my grooming and personal things. I always promise myself I’ll nip down the aisle with all the cosmetics, lotions, potions, etc., and I never do, not on a grocery run. It just doesn’t seem right, to drop a lipstick down onto a frozen bag of chicken chests. I haven’t visited an official cosmetics counter in a department store in years, and to me, the cosmetics asile at Kroger or Wal-Mart is the ne plus ultra of personal grooming and attention to makeup.

So, today, with no epic snow storm in sight, I returned to Kroger and this time I hit the cosmetics aisle exclusively and bought frou-frou items.

This is what I got:  a box of Loreal Feria, multi-facted shimmering colour (3x the highlights!) medium golden brown, number 58.

A note. I keep a journal and at the front of each journal I start, I keep track of my grooming and the grooming of my entire family. The last time I colored my hair, was on November 7, 2015, so I am probably going to break out the Feria tonight, as I have about an inch of root showing and just a tick of gray.

I also bought a tube of Vaseline intensive care deep moisture jelly cream. This stuff goes on thick and rich and I used it a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter and my dry-winter skin got to itching. I rubbed it on my belly a lot. I swim a lot, and I love to swim, but in the winter months, my skin gets incredibly dry and itchy and this cream helps.

Actually, I think I’ll finish my list tomorrow. Don’t want to run out of things to list, after all . . .


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