Never Pay Retail Ever Again!

I almost hate to champion Vintage Vogue by GW, because I feel as if enough people know about it, if I talk about it too much, there won’t be anything fabulous in the store the next time I walk inside, but here goes.

I love to shop and I especially love the added treat of finding a treasure, like the Banana Republic navy blue sheath I bought yesterday at the Vintage Vogue by GW store on Virginia Street in the Fountain Square District in Indianapolis.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with Indianapolis. The city has completely revitalized and transformed itself. The Monument Circle was filled with people and weddings and couples and familes and people just out and enjoying the balmy springtime afternoon. It was lovely.

And the area where we went to find the Vintage Vogue by GW is a charming, eclectric district of rehabbed gas stations now serving as boutique stores, renovated factories and the charming place where we went for our BBQ. I asked the young man at the Vintage Vogue by GW where there were good places to eat and he said just about anywhere in the Fountain Square District.

He was right about the BBQ!

We ate dinner at the Smokehouse on Shelby. We sat at a booth and the restaurant had old-fashioned diner-style chairs and a huge ancient sign that said, NOW IT’S PEPSI.

Cool beans.

 Today, after Church, my hubby and I went on a nature walk.

Oh, by the way, over the years, ever since I bought my 2002 so-called ‘New’ Bug back in 2008, I have been in the practice every year of changing out the flower in the bud vase that comes with the car. The newer models don’t come with bud vases, which is deeply disappointing.

But . . . in any event, I loved my yellow 2002 Volkswagen Bug and drove it from 2008 to 2016, when I got a newer Volkswagen Bug. It is a fire-engine red 2013 Volkswagen Bug and it had only 28K miles on it when I bought it and I love it.

My hubby inherited the yellow bug for awhile, and now my son drives it.

He keeps threatening to paint it with flames along the sides, but has yet to carry out his nefarious plot.

Oh, and he can’t be bothered with putting a flower in the bud vase! The photo to the left is a collection of all the flowers I’ve used in the bud vase.
Every year, starting in January of that year (I bought the yellow bug in late January, early February), I would go to MIchael’s and pick out a new flower for the vase.

I chided my son this morning for not using a flower in the bud vase, and when my husband teased me right back, I produced the bud vase which holds all the yellow bug’s past flowers and my husband said, “Oh, of course, you would keep all the flowers.”

And then he took a photo of it for me for today’s blog post.

That’s it for now, peeps!