I am having the time of my life . . . acting!!!!!

Dodging the Bullet has ended, and there is a cast party scheduled for this weekend, and I was worried, wondering when I’d get the chance to act again.

Well, on Wednesday night, I got to attend a reading for a new film I get to be in!!!!! Woot!          

It’s a film called Empty Space, and it involves some people who also worked on Dodging the Bullet, which is kind of cool, if you ask me.

I love the fact that I’m getting involved in the acting world of Cincinnati. There are a lot of independent film-makers here, all pursuing their dream of making a film for the world to see.

My scene films next Wednesday, and on this past Wednesday night, I read my scene with the young lady who plays my daughter in the film.  It’s a terrific screenplay, and I hope you plan to see it when it gets released! Haroon Khan appears in both Dodging the Bullet and Empty Space, and in Dodging the Bullet, his character falls in love with my character’s son . . . complicated, I know.

Later, peeps!