A short story attached to A Chocolate Covered Zoloft.

I’ve been working, off and on, since at least 2005 on A Chocolate Covered Zoloft, which is now out.

And while I was working on it this last, most recent time, I realized that there was a scene in the book that really didn’t need to be there, because I felt it slowed down the pace of the story.

But I still love the scene, so after I uploaded A Chocolate Covered Zoloft on Amazon, iBooks, and Google Play, I then worked on the short story.

It’s only ninety-nine cents, and I hope you take a look at it.

You learn something new every day.

On a recent podcast with The Creative Penn, Joanna Penn interviewed someone who said that you need to blog every day for TWO YEARS before you can complain about not making progress. I know that I need to do that, and so I have promised myself I will write at least 50 words per day on both Denise Gwen and on Barone Literary.

In the meantime, check out my lovely new cover for Cat and Jo! The new one is to the left, the old one below.

I'm having fun using Photoshop

I learned so much at RWA down in Orlando this past year, and I’m trying to incorporate everything I’ve learned.

I’ve also been listening to podcasts. I love listening to Joanna Penn, of the Creative Penn, and the Sell More Books Show.

And, because I want my books to appear on Google Play, I’ve started re-designing all my covers.

To the left, is the former cover for Catherine and Josephine, and the one on top is the new one.

There’s so much more you can do with Photoshop!


My new paperback book cover and e-book cover for Mirabelle!


In a way, I feel as if I am re-inventing my writing career. My husband said that when I came back from RWA in Orlando, I was excited and filled with ideas for rejuvenating my so-called writing career. It feels so-called right now, because, quite frankly, nothing is happening. I met a fellow writer at the conference, however, Jami Albright, and she gave me tremendous advice on what I needed to do to revitalize my brand. One of the most important things I can do, among other things, is to refresh my book covers and make them look professional. I have been working with a local artist in Cincinnati, Amanda Walker of Amanda Walker PA & Design Services. These are the refreshed book covers for my first-ever erotica novel, Mirabelle. Aren’t they gorgeous?

I hired a professional to re-design my book covers, and woot!

This is the new audiobook cover for Part One of Trailer Park Wives. I attended the Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando, Florida, this year, during the week of July 25 to July 29. While I was there, I attended a lot of seminars on . . . surprisingly enough . . . indie publishing.

I listened to Roxanne St. Clair discuss how she has a strict schedule she follows when it comes to self-publishing her series books.

I thought I’d attend seminars, etc., pick up a few goodie bags, etc., collect a lot of books, etc., and yes, I did all those things, but I came away from the conference excited, upset, and generally uplifted.

A writer who helped me tremendously, was Jami Albright. She met with me between the seminars, and walked me through the advertising process on Amazon. I had tried advertising years ago, on Amazon, and while I’d made a sale of one book, I spent a lot of money on the process, so I abandoned the idea of advertising on Amazon. That happened a few years ago, but one of the most important things I learned at the conference, is that many writers advertise.

Well, I was going about my advertising all wrong, and Jami showed me how to do it. It’s a process of micro-tuning your tag words, how much you’re willing to pay for “clicks” and other issues that comprise advertising.

Jami noted that my book covers were not wonderful. She was incredibly tactful. She suggested that I might want to hire a professional to re-do my book covers. She also suggested that I revise my blurbs, because my blurbs, especially the blurbs for my young adult novels, were too wordy and cerebral.

I learned so much, thanks to Jami Albright, and now I am pleased to begin the process of releasing my brand new book covers. I went to the website of the company that designs Jami Albright’s books, but they’re not accepting any new clients, and so I went looking for a new cover book artist, and found that in Amanda Walker PA & Design Services. Amanda has done a fantastic job, and these two images are the two new audiobook covers for Parts One and Two of Trailer Park Wives.