Working on my re-release of Molly's Folly!

I was fortunate enough to sell this story to what was then known as Astraea Press, and which has been renamed as Clean Reads dot com. The title was Molly’s Folly, and the cover designed for me by Astraea Press was truly lovely, but after a number of years, I decided I was ready to ask for my rights back and to re-publish the story. Stephanie Taylor graciously returned my rights to me–not something you encounter every day in this business–and I am presently re-editing it and revising it for a new release.

I took out a trial membership of Photoshop, and when the book has been edited to my satisfaction, I may actually pay for a subscription to Photoshop and design a new cover.

The old cover, which I loved, is to the left.Molly's Folly by Denise Gwen


A short story attached to A Chocolate Covered Zoloft.

I’ve been working, off and on, since at least 2005 on A Chocolate Covered Zoloft, which is now out.

And while I was working on it this last, most recent time, I realized that there was a scene in the book that really didn’t need to be there, because I felt it slowed down the pace of the story.

But I still love the scene, so after I uploaded A Chocolate Covered Zoloft on Amazon, iBooks, and Google Play, I then worked on the short story.

It’s only ninety-nine cents, and I hope you take a look at it.