A short story attached to A Chocolate Covered Zoloft.

I’ve been working, off and on, since at least 2005 on A Chocolate Covered Zoloft, which is now out.

And while I was working on it this last, most recent time, I realized that there was a scene in the book that really didn’t need to be there, because I felt it slowed down the pace of the story.

But I still love the scene, so after I uploaded A Chocolate Covered Zoloft on Amazon, iBooks, and Google Play, I then worked on the short story.

It’s only ninety-nine cents, and I hope you take a look at it.

Cool beans! I added buy links to my website! Woo-hoo!

I am so very, very glad that I broke down and paid a professional person to revamp my website. My poor dear husband, who has tried to help me over the years, is busy with his own work, and didn’t have the time to devote to all the necessary work involved in redesigning a website and getting it out there, so thank you to Austin Designworks! Thank you, Dawn for doing such fine work.                                             I am getting ready to attend a conference in May in Nashville, Tennesse, and I’m starting to get my publicity stuff prepared. Since the last time I attended a conference, I’ve re-done my website, added three books to Audibles, and I want my bookmarks, which I’ll be handing out as promotional material, to reflect those changes.  

                           I need to create a bookmark for Judging Rachel, and three new bookmarks for my audible books. Trailer Park Wives I and II already have bookmarks, but there is not a buy link for audibles on those bookmarks, so I need to revise those bookmarks, and I’d also like a bookmark for Breaking Out, my male-male romance, also on audibles. And just because I was thinking about it, I realized that I wanted to add a buy link to the website for Breaking Out.

So I pulled up the guide that Dawn gives her authors and used it to add a booklink to all the pages where Breaking Out appears, and cool beans! It was easy peasy! 

I had considered ordering some of my books printed, but unfortuantely that’s very expensive, and so I decided to go with the bookmarks. Much cheaper, and I enjoy giving away bookmarks; books, not so much.

Until later, peeps!