Catherine and Josephine is now available!

My new book, Catherine and Josephine, is now available on ibooks and on Amazon!

Here’s the blurb:

Women of today have their choice in careers and can shatter the glass ceiling . . . well, sure, you believe that, don’t you? But the women of this mythical, medieval world, are trapped in a time and a place where men rule and make the decisions concerning their lives, their bodies, and their minds.
When an infant girl is found, abandoned, on the castle keep, lying in a basket, Queen Mathilda takes an instant joy in the child and decides to rear her up as a proper lady of the court. She names her Josephine. She would adopt the child, only King Augustus will not let her adopt her. Josephine becomes a ward of the court, and except for the legal designation of daughter, she is raised up as the Queen’s little daughter.
Queen Mathilda has, for the last ten years, tried in vain to bring a healthy child into the world, a child that will grow up to inherit the throne . . . a boy, of course, but when the Queen finally succeeds in giving birth to a child, although a female, King Augustus takes comfort from the hope that she will later give birth to a coveted boy.
King Augustus had promised the Queen he would allow her to adopt Josephine once she has given birth to a living heir, but tragedy befalls the Queen before the night ends.
As the years pass, and as Lady Josephine and Princess Catherine grow and mature into beautiful young women, their fate is managed and manuevered for them by the King and his privy council.
And while both girls received the benefit of tutors, the differences between them–and what they can expect in terms of life choices and marriage–are defined for them by the men who rule over them.
But can the men be trusted to rule well . . . or justly?