His Christmas Eve Proposal: Book Three of the Medicine Women of Alaska

Doctor Drew Rutherford is annoyed.
There’s a new doctor in town, she’s taken up the space that the last doctor who retired left vacant, and the minute she arrives, she’s poaching his patients, and he, for one, will not put up with it.
His brother and fellow doctor, Paul Rutherford, chides him and warns him away from the hot new doctor Naomi Schuster. She’s a cold fish, he warns his brother.
When Drew goes over there to confront her, she thinks he’s an intruder and takes him to the ground, and that’s how the two future lovers meet.
Drew feels threatened. He took over his dad’s medical practice when Dad got sick, and then when Dad passed, Drew felt stuck. It’s all very well for Paul, who’s chosen the great outdoors, but Drew feels he’s carrying on the family name.
Naomi Schuster has fled to Gnometown, Alaska, to get away from the controversy following the high-society wedding she bolted from at the last minute, when she realized that her dreams did not gel with her former lover, Ricardo Velasquez. His family is a bastion of Los Angeles society, and she wants to hide her talent, and herself, behind a bushel.
Trouble is, every time she finds herself in Doctor Drew Rutherford’s company, she’s forced to reveal her tremendous talent as a cardio thoracic surgeon.
She’s also escaping from a surgery that went horribly wrong. During a routine surgery, she froze and the patient died. She’d gotten so consumed and focused in her life with Ricardo, that she let the fame and the society go to her head and she lost her laser sharp focus.
She’s going to lie low and fix herself in quiet Gnometown.
The problem is, her amazing skill and talent as a surgeon keeps shining through and Drew is suspicious as to why she’s hiding out in this sleepy burg when she could be performing surgeries at top-notch hospitals.
They are drawn to one another.
As they begin to trust one another, they tentatively seek intimacy, and during one terrible snowstorm, while trapped in a remote cabin, they begin to explore their desire.
The only problem is this. How will their love grow when they’re thrown back into the real world?