Camping Weekend

Erotic Fiction

Camping Weekend

In this erotic comedy of errors—with male/male and male/female romance—three stories intersect.

There’s Paul Rumsfeld, a fifty-plus year-old lawyer who’s managed to reach sobriety after many years of struggling with his alcoholism. He’s on his way to a relaxing weekend at Gowan Lake State Park, when he stumbles across—quite literally—a young man whom he has agreed to sponsor.

Gabrielle Richards has decided that she and her boyfriend, Colm Nelson, need to flee from their financial worries and go camping over the weekend . . . at–you guessed it–Gowan Lake State Park.

Police Officer Mike Blankenship wonders what’s wrong with his wife, Amanda. Empty nesters, he’s looking forward to the post child-rearing years as a chance to connect intimately, and while Amanda goes through the motions, Mike can tell his wife’s mind is elsewhere.

All three of these sets of people bump into each other while camping at Gowan Lake State Park, to comedic–and touching–results.