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House of Wax by Denise Gwen

I am watching House of Wax right now, on Netflix. This is the remake House of Wax. The original starred Vincent Price; this one, which came out in 2005, stars Paris Hilton, but the true star of the film is Elisha Cuthbert, a real cutie, who plays the young girl who, with her brother, manages to defeat the evil two brothers who are intent upon turning everyone they meet into so much hamburger-helper-wax-figures.

The movie was the inspiration for me to write my YA novel, House of Wax. In my novel, the heroine of the story is a teenage girl, Jordan Meadows, who’s a wee bit spoiled. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana, my hometown, natch! Jordan’s dad lays down the law and tells her she has to get a job that summer, because he’s no longer funding her grooming habit down at the Tranquility Spa.

Pretty clever, huh, how I worked that into the story? Jordan is obsessed with grooming, with eyebrow waxes, with leg waxes, get it? Get it? Oh, I’m so freaking clever.

Because Jordan is so good with wax, she gets to work behind the scenes, helping to dribble wax on all the extras. The filmmakers who are filming the latest remake of House of Wax have come to Bloomington, and the whole town has gone gaga over the stars.

House of Wax had its first release through The Wild Rose Press, and after it’d been on their virtual shelves for a few years, I asked Rhonda Penders for my rights back, and she kindly restored them to me. I then self-published House of Wax. 

Because money was an issue–when is money ever not an issue–my husband helped me to design my first book cover, which was cute but not great, and so a few years later, I hired a professional artist, Danielle Lee Zwissler, to design my first ever self-published profesional book cover. That’s the book cover you see below you.

House of Wax was the first book I self-published, and people are right when they tell you that you learn with the first one, because I had no idea how to promote it, and it took a couple of years before I began to pay attention to the various ways you can promote your work.


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